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Together for Cape Town

Together we’re raising funds to provide 3.000.000 meals for children in Cape Town‘s townships

The Crisis in Cape Town

South Africa has announced the globally most radical lockdown to protect its population from COVID-19 infections.

Public life has been shut down since 27th of March 2020 and people are obliged to isolate at home. Especially low income communities struggle with the financial side effects. In an environment of high unemployment rates, the few income sources are cut off and basic food and health supply can’t be provided. Starvation, dramatic socio-economic consequences and the escalation of the generally critical situation are expected.

Our Vision

#TogetherforCapeTown is to unite people, companies and organisations from all over the world to channel resources and jointly empower the Youth of the Western Cape in under-resourced communities with an emphasis on education and job creation.

Our Mission

Help is needed instantly! 

We are committed to providing at least 3.000.000 meals to hungry children in Cape Town by the end of 2020. 

As the brainchild of Philipp Hartmann in Cape Town, the fundraising platform TogetherForCapeTown.com was created jointly with the Swiss NGO UBUNTU and the German NGO MATCHBOX, which both focus on the empowerment of children in South Africa‘s under-resourced communities. 

Hand-in-hand we support hungry children with meals or food parcels, distributed through our reliable partner organisations on the ground.

To achieve this, we need your help!

We need your support

The best way to support our work is a financial contribution. You can donate through our partnering non-profit Organisations in Switzerland, South Africa or Germany. Thank you!

Donations in Switzerland


St. Galler Kantonalbank AG
IBAN CH1200781617313202001
Swift Code KBSGCH22

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Donations in Germany


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Donations in South Africa


Acc No. 62307936528,
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Donations in South Africa


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Our Partners

on the ground

Join us on our mission to make a difference.

As a small or large business, a non-profit organisation or any private initiative you can become part of #TogetherForCapeTown and help us move mountains. We look forward to hearing from you.

Corporate Sponsors & Media Partners

Meet our Corporate Sponsors & Media Partners.

The team behind


Verena Grips,
“Matchbox e.V."

While the German Architect lived in Cape Town from 2006 until 2016, she built up the NGO MATCHBOX in South Africa and Germany. As Project Manager she leads the team, coordinates construction works and raises funding.

Nadja Perone,
“Verein Ubuntu"

The South African Marketing Expert grew up in Austria and Cape Town. In 2013 she founded the non-profit organisation UBUNTU, based in Switzerland. Through her international network she finances and coordinates upliftment for schools and daycare centers in Cape Town’s townships.

Philipp Hartmann, Initiator #togetherforcapetown

The German entrepreneur and surfer has been living for the past 20 years in Cape Town and founded the marketing agencies GSDH and the factory. Philipp is father of twins and triplets and hosts a podcast specially for Dads called DADicated.

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Please support our cause! Together we’re raising funds to provide 3.000.000 meals for children in Cape Town‘s townships #follow #togetherforcapetown #rainbownation